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Twenty Seconds on NZ’s Human Rights Stocktake (UPR) by the United Nations – a National Human Rights Action Plan

In the 2009 human rights stocktake, New Zealand accepted in part the recommendation by South Africa to “consider adopting its National Plan of Action for Human Rights“, stating that “it considers that the most suitable approach is for government departments to consider the appropriateness of implementing the Plan’s priorities for action as part of normal

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Twenty Seconds on NZ’s UPR – the right to a remedy for judicial breach of the NZBORA

Right to a remedy During New Zealand’s UPR in 2009, the (Government’s) National Report stated, in relation to the right to a remedy for human rights violations, that “individuals who consider that any of their rights under the NZBORA have been infringed can bring an action against the Government. A number of remedies are available,

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