We are accumulating an archive of all the resources we develop. They can be downloaded from this page. We will add new resources as they become available.

You can also download backcopies of our Newsletter.

The resources are either available in PDF format, which require Adobe Acrobat to be viewed and printed, or as Microsoft Word files.

Don’t have Adobe Acrobat? You can download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader from

Archived Resources

NZ Second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) related document

HRF UPR coalition report- FINAL

HRF over-arching report- FINAL

HRF’s comments on UPR draft national report FINAL

Shadow Reports

CERD Shadow Report January 2013

ESCR Shadow Report 2012

CERD- Comment on draft state report October 2011

ICCPR Shadow Report March 2010

CAT- Alternative report April 2009

CERD Shadow Report June 2007

Submissions on Bills

Bail System Review- Joint Submission

Civil Union Bill

Corrections Mothers with Babies Amendment Bill

Crimes (Abolition of Force as Justification for Child Discipline) Amendment Bill

Crimes of Torture Amendment Bill

Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) Bill

Electoral (Disqualification of Prisoners) Amendment Bill

Corrections Amendment Bill- Joint Submission

Foreshore and Seabed Bill

GCSB Bill 2013

Human Rights Amendement Bill

Dialogue on HRBAA

Human Rights (Women in Armed Forces) Amendment Bill

Identity (Citizenship and Travel Documents) Bill

Immigration Amendement Bill 2012

Immigration Bill 2007

Maori Purposes Bill

Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill 2012

Minimum Wage (Abolition of Wage Discrimination) Amendement Bill

Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Month’s Paid Leave) Amendment Bill

Principles of the Treaty Deletion Bill- Supplementary Submission

Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi Deletion Bill

Search and Surveillance Bill

Media release re Search and Surveillance Bill

Search and Surveillance Bill- Joint Submission

Search and Surveillance Bill- Joint supplementary submission

Social Security Amendment Bill

Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill

Video Camera Surveillance Temporary Measures Bill 2011

Vulnerable Children Bill 2013

Submissions – various

Submission on Climate Change Consultation

Joint submission with Amnesty to Intelligence and Security Review

HRF comments on CAT draft periodic report 2013

Constitutional Review submission FINAL

Composition of the Annual Refugee Quota

Joint NGOs report on Housing

New Zealand and Human Rights

New Zealand’s Relationship with Tonga

Reform Concerning Rights of Refugee Claimants

Seeking Asylum- To Mark World Refugee Day

Offshore Asylum Centre Commentary


Newsletter September 2013

Newsletter February 2013-grey

Newsletter November 2001

Newsletter October 2001

Newsletter April 2001


Refugee Status Appeal Authority- Ahmed Zaoui

RSAA Decision

RSAA decision- Key points

FAQs about Ahmed Zaoui case

Freedom’s Ramparts on the sea_ Joint report on detention of asylum seekers

Refugee Proceedings – Herald Reports







Refugee Proceedings – other

Court of Appeal Refugee case Media Release

Court of Appeal Refugee Judgement

Human Rights Committee concluding observations 2002

Judge’s decision

Judge’ Interim Decision

Statement of Claim

Media release_ refugee detentions

Supplementary Submission on HRAB

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  1. The universal periodic review of New Zealand will take place later this month. Just wondered whether you have made a written submission, as you had done for the previous review; and participated in any consultation with the government, as your website does not appear to have any information in that regard. Many thanks,

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