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Press – ‘Editorial: Human rights are for all, including gang members’

National Party police spokeswoman Paula Bennett had a relatively simple job to do on Sunday – get up and make a policy statement which included a previously-announced plan to separate drug-dealing gang members from their guns. Instead, apparently in her enthusiasm to beat the law-and-order drum in an election campaign, Bennett ended up declaring that

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Radio NZ: ‘NZDF admits ‘alternate possibilities’ in 2012 Afghan firefight’

The Defence Force stands by the findings of its official investigation but accepts friendly fire may have played a bigger role in a deadly firefight in Afghanistan in 2012. Two New Zealanders and four Afghans were killed in the Battle of Baghak, the subject of a Stuff documentary series The Valley, in which Afghan soldiers

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LawTalk: Helping Muslim travellers deal with authorities

Our work is in this week’s LawTalk: A Law Foundation-backed project is helping ease concerns among New Zealand’s Muslim community about their treatment by security authorities. The Human Rights Foundation project has been prompted by complaints about the treatment of Muslims in airport security checks and in their interactions with the SIS in particular. They claim to have experienced unjustifiably excessive scrutiny and cultural insensitivity in their dealings with border officials. Human Rights Foundation chairperson Peter Hosking says the project team has compiled a dossier of anecdotes from New Zealand Muslims about their experiences with the authorities. Read more at LawTalk More  information  about  research funded  by  the  Foundation  can  be  found  here.

NZ Herald: Hunt for Rawshark sees police rapped again for ‘unlawful’ search of banking records

Police have again been caught unlawfully harvesting private banking information in the search for the hacker behind the Dirty Politics book. This time it is activist and journalist Martyn Bradbury who has been drawn into the police investigation. And this time police inquiries are said to have had an awful impact, leading to two suicidal

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Human Rights Lawyers Association urges Prime Minister to lift refugee quota

Our friends in the Human Rights Lawyers Association have today written to the Prime Minister, calling for an increase in New Zealand’s refugee quota. The Aotearoa New Zealand Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA) has written to the Prime Minister in respect of the refugee crisis that is rapidly unfolding in Europe, and about what we

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United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Rights committee issues

United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Rights committee issues concluding observations on New Zealand Government’s report – 22 May 2012 The UN ESCR Committee has both positive and negative comments about New Zealand’s performance in its latest observations on New Zealand’s performance under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Under this international

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