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UNHCR Medical Expert Mission to Papua New Guinea 10-16 November 2017

UNHCR conducted a mission to Papua New Guinea from 10 to 16 November 2017, including two expert medical consultants, Professor Suresh Sundram (Monash University) and Associate Professor Christine Phillips (Australian National University). The mission focused on the conditions and circumstances of persons of concern to UNHCR on Manus Island and in Port Moresby. Read the Report

Bryce Edwards: Political Roundup: Reasons to mistrust our spies (and their masters) in 2017

On the surface, it’s been a good year for New Zealand’s state surveillance agencies. Compared to previous years they’ve garnered less negative media coverage and political examination. Yet appearances can be deceiving, and looking back over the year, there are plenty of reasons to suggest the spies deserve much greater scrutiny and questioning. Likewise, the

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Tracy Watkins: SIS criticised by government watchdog over ‘unlawfully accessing’ information

The Security Intelligence Service has been rapped in a critical report for unlawfully accessing information obtained by Customs. While the activity is historic, the domestic spy agency comes under fire from Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Cheryl Gwyn, not just over the way it accessed the material but for dragging its feet in responding

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It’s Our Future: Tonight’s MFAT’s Auckland TPPA Meeting Livestreamed

This week David Parker and MFAT are leading a series of meetings around the country to discuss the TPPA. The meetings  kicked off in Dunedin last night, Auckland tonight, Tauranga tomorrow and Hamilton on Thursday see here for more details. In collaboration with The Daily Blog, It’s Our Future is able to livestream tonight’s Auckland meeting. The meeting starts

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Lynda Hagen: Lifting our human rights game

New Zealand’s parliamentary scrutiny of its international human rights obligations will be evaluated in a new Law Foundation-backed study. This follows criticism that New Zealand is lagging behind countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in formally monitoring compliance with human rights treaties. … Shadow Reports The Law Foundation recently awarded two new

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Stuff: More Tasers, more police shootings: Weapons ‘encourage aggressive behaviour’

Tasers are being used more often by police in New Zealand, with a 29 per cent increase in the number of events involving their deployment from 2015 to 2016. Deployment of Tasers in the past five years has been increasing, figures released by police under the Official Information Act show. The total number of Tactical Operations Reporting (TOR) events involving the deployment

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NZ Herald: John Key, mass surveillance and what really happened when Edward Snowden accused him of spying

Sir John Key’s story of how and why he canned a “mass surveillance” programme are at odds with official papers detailing development of the “Speargun” project. The issue blew up in the final days of the 2014 election with Key claiming the programme was long-dead and had been replaced by a benign cyber-security system called

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Jane Kelsey: The latest on resisting the TPPA

The rebranded TPPA-11 is a high stakes gamble for Labour (I refuse to call it the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership – there is nothing progressive about it!). Jacinda Ardern admitted as much when she recorded a propaganda video, hailing the changes she says Labour won, while she was still en route back from Vietnam.

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UNHCR: Immediate action needed to avert further harm and tragedy on Manus Island

UNHCR is deeply disturbed by the forcible removal of refugees and asylum-seekers from the former ‘Regional Processing Centre’ on Manus Island today. The beating of refugees and asylum-seekers by uniformed officers with metal poles, shown by footage released today, is both shocking and inexcusable. UNHCR staff remain on the ground on Manus Island, where limited

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