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Equality. The Core Value of the Human Rights Project.

Margaret Bedggood Monday this week, 8 March, was International Women’s Day, an important date in the human rights calendar. As women’s groups in Aotearoa New Zealand have long been active and well versed in deploying human rights arguments,  I am taking this opportunity to write about the idea and importance of ‘equality’ in general and the

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Poverty: a human rights challenge

Margaret Bedggood In a recent article in The New Zealand Herald, Simon Wilson called attention yet again to the evils of poverty here, following the Salvation Army’s report, the Welfare Expert Advisory Group report, and the years of reports and calls for action from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and other concerned NGOs and individual people.

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People have a Right to Social Security and Social Assistance

Margaret Bedggood Last week the Salvation Army published its annual State of the Nation report. It contains a mass of depressing social and economic topics and statistics. One stands out, yet again: the deplorable state of our benefit system.  New Zealand had a proud record from the late 19th century of providing social security for the disadvantaged,

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