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Twenty Seconds on Police General Arming

Greg O’Connor from the Police Association loses no opportunity to promote general arming of the Police (NZ Herald, 8 October) but a firearm would not have prevented last week’s stabbing of a constable near the Savage Memorial. The Police themselves say there was no indication the offender would become violent, that he “certainly wasn’t aggressive

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Media release: Human Rights Foundation calls for review of Family Court processes for protecting children and women

The Human Rights Foundation is calling for a review, involving all parties, of the Family Court processes for protecting children and women. HRF Chair Peter Hosking says today’s Newsroom report is another wake-up call for the authorities. “HRF lawyers practicing in the Family Court report similar incidents”, he says. “The Family Court has failed to

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The HRF’s Tim McBride on International Day of Peace

United Nations International Day of Peace 21 September 2013 ‘Education for Peace’ gathering, St Heliers Community Centre   Organised by the Universal Peace Federation; the Peace Foundation; and the United Nations Association of NZ     ‘Commemorating Peace: A Human Rights Perspective’      Tim McBride   Auckland Human Rights Lawyer, Author, and Commentator Deputy-Chairperson,

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