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Election Human Rights Priorities: More Accountable Spy Agencies

MORE ACCOUNTABLE SPY AGENCIES (1) Ensure that the GCSB is not authorised to spy on New Zealand citizens and permanent residents (2) Implement a comprehensive, high-level, independent inquiry into the role, functions, powers, internal compliance procedures and effectiveness of external oversight mechanisms of all NZ intelligence agencies, in particular the GCSB and NZSIS    

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Brian Rudman: It’s only dirty politics when someone else does it

When is “borrowing” someone else’s property okay in the Prime Minister’s eyes? When, it seems, it’s carried out by a senior adviser in his office working in concert with National Party staff and activists. Since Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics bombshell blew National’s election campaign off course last week, John Key has been trying to brush aside the

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Tracey Barnett – on why we must be better than the Australians.

Congratulations, Tony Abbott. You certainly got what you wished for on Manus Island: misery. Misery that forces desperate people to choose between the hell they left and the hell they are in now. Misery that has generated international headlines your Administration sees as helpful in dissuading future asylum boat arrivals. Manufactured misery that has created

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