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People have a Right to Social Security and Social Assistance

Margaret Bedggood Last week the Salvation Army published its annual State of the Nation report. It contains a mass of depressing social and economic topics and statistics. One stands out, yet again: the deplorable state of our benefit system.  New Zealand had a proud record from the late 19th century of providing social security for the disadvantaged,

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Te Hikoi o Te tumanako mo o whanau hauaa | March of Hope for disabled Kiwis | #HikoiOfHope4Disabled

Come join the collective of Disabled people, our allies, whanau/family and friends known as te hikoi o te tumanako mo te whanau hauaa (journey of hope for disabled New Zealanders). We are the largest minority group in New Zealand and rarely if ever mentioned at the decision making table. Help us highlight the realities of

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David R Boyd: Why all human rights depend on a healthy environment

David R Boyd, University of British Columbia Recent revelations about the speed and scale of nature’s decline are hard to truly comprehend. Not since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago has the diversity and abundance of life on Earth plunged so precipitously. For decades, governments have signed treaties and made pledges to halt the

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Fabian Society: Charles Waldegrave – Addressing the Systemic Housing Crisis

From the Fabian Society: I would like to invite you to hear Charles Waldegrave discuss this issue at Central Baptist Church, 46 Boulcott Street, Wellington at 5:30p on Monday 23rd November. The combination of high rents, low homeownership, lack of supply, homelessness and reliable international ratings showing NZ housing to be one of the most unaffordable

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