Stuff: PM Jacinda Ardern’s ‘Christchurch Call’ falls short of the scale of terror online

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The “Christchurch Call” launched by Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron falls short of dealing with the scale of hatred online, new social media research says.

The call to action seeks a global agreement to attempt to stop platforms like Facebook being used to promote terrorism.

But content moderation alone won’t be enough, researchers behind the Digital Threats to Democracy report have warned.

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  1. I’m still two years awaiting acknowledgement of NZ’s illegal practise of killing all t18 children. I have been buried yet it was my daughter murdered and I hold the proof. Everyone involved either lied, conspired or commited fraud to hide this. I work with the MOH and DHB and still the killing continues unchecked. Im blocked from the PM and the UN. I’ve done my best to contain this and the fall out but all govt depts deny accountability or ignore Brennagh’s murder entirely. She had a slow cruel death. She never had rights as we were often told t18s don’t. Bren was treated less than equal for the majority of her life. I continue to seek justice.

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