Newsroom: Listen to us, Muslim group urges

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The Islamic Women’s Council wants input into the upcoming Royal Commission’s terms of reference. However, the Government won’t say if that will happen. David Williams reports.

On the night of March 15, a Government Minister phoned Aliya Danzeisen of the Islamic Women’s Council. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would have called, she was told, but had to attend a briefing about that day’s terror attacks in Christchurch.

“I specifically said to the Minister that I spoke with that we need to wait until everybody is buried and we’ve been able to mourn before we can proceed on anything else,” Danzeisen says. “But as soon as that was over we wanted a face-to-face meeting with the Ministers that we met with [last year] and with the Prime Minister.”

Is that time imminent? “It’s now,” she says.

Since the attacks on two city mosques that killed 50 people, members of the council have been prominent in the media discussing their years-long campaign to raise concerns about Islamophobia with successive governments and agencies.

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