Radio NZ: Human Rights Foundation calls for open inquiry into shootings

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The Human Rights Foundation is calling for an open and transparent inquiry into last Friday’s attacks.

The letter to the Attorney General signed by foundation chairperson Peter Hosking said they had persistently raised concerns with government agencies about increasing Islamophobia in New Zealand and internationally.

“And raising concerns about intrusion into the civil liberties and rights of the Muslim community, including over-surveillance and monitoring,” the letter said.

Changes were needed and the government’s inquiry should be separate from ministers and the executive to ensure a full investigation, the foundation said.

“We have been contacted throughout this week by members and leaders of the Muslim community about the proposed inquiry into the Christchurch attacks, including from those with family and friends directly affected,” the letter stated.

“All have expressed the need for the proposed inquiry to be open and expressed fears and concerns of it being a secret and closed process to victims, their families and the public.”

Human rights lawyer and foundation executive member Deborah Manning said the government should rule out a ministerial inquiry and look further than a public inquiry or royal commission.

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