Website to report Islamophobia set up in attack aftermath


The Human Rights Foundation has joined together with members of Aotearoa’s Muslim community to create a website where the Muslim community can share and record Islamophobia – the abuse they face in their daily lives:

Created in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack on the Muslim community, this website is a place to share and record abuse against the Muslim community. Abuse is verbal or physical, big or small, what is abuse.

Report abuse here

Read others experiences and learn more here

What is abuse?

Abuse can be verbal of physical. It includes comments and behaviour that makes anyone feel unwelcome or belittled.A common phrase that many members of the Muslim community hear is ‘go back to your country’, ‘you don’t belong here’, ’this is our country’ ‘people don’t want you here’

This kind of verbal abuse is not reported because it has become the norm. It is harassment, abuse and racism. No one in New Zealand should ever be told this.

Please let’s speak up now, let’s report this abuse because this is our New Zealand. We can’t have justice and healing until the truth is told and understood.
ألحق للحق
Truth for Justice

About the website

A group of Muslim women sat in the whanau room at Starship hospital on the afternoon of Sunday 17 March 2019. They were there supporting the mother of a four year old girl who waited while her little daughter undertook surgery for three bullet wounds suffered in the Christchurch terror attack on the Muslim community.

The conversation turned to the regular abuse – verbal and physical – the Muslim community faces living in New Zealand. There are regular insults and the Muslim community feels increasingly scared and unwelcome. Being told ‘go back to where you came from’ or ‘go home’ is not even seen as abuse because it is the least of what is endured.

This platform has been discussed for years within the community and with the Human Rights Foundation. It is long overdue. Sadly, even since the Christchurch atrocities, the abuses have continued.

What most New Zealanders don’t realise is that Islamophobia does exist in our beloved country. The Human Rights Foundation has been part of a Rule of Law project where we have been persistently raising this with the New Zealand authorities.

This website is a place for the community to record what has happened in an online form where people’s details will be kept confidential but the incidents can be posted by the moderator anonymously.

It is one way we can gain an accurate picture and help ensure that New Zealand is a place of truth that is safe for everyone to call home.

The header image above is from the Starship Hospital waiting room, where a group of women are supporting the family of a child victim of the Christchurch attack.

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  1. I am so happy to see this foundation definitely it will prove to counting down racism .

  2. I really hope Muslim people will speak out about any abuse they receive then we can all deal with it and abolish abuse from the N Z society.

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