NZ Herald: Christchurch mosque shooting: Website to report Islamophobia set up in attack aftermath

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A group of Muslim women gathered together at Starship Hospital on Sunday to support the mother there of four-year-old girl Alin Alsati, who had been shot three times in the Christchurch terror attack.

As they waited for the girl to under go surgery, the conversation turned to the everyday abuse, both verbal and physical, the Muslim community faced in New Zealand.

It was that conversation which prompted the formation of a website encouraging people to report Islamophobia.

This is our New Zealand: Report Islamophobia has gone live this week and encourages the Muslim community to share and record the abuse they face.

Executive member of the Human Rights Foundation Deborah Manning was among the women waiting at Starship due to her 20 years of working with the Muslim community on human rights issues.

The website had been discussed for years but the group felt action was needed now in light of the unprecedented attack, she said.

That night the Human Rights Foundation created the website.

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