Alan Johnson: A radical mandate is required to address Maori – non-Maori inequality

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On the 13th February The Salvation Army launched its 2019 State of the Nation report. I wrote this report for the Army as I have for the past 11 years.  This year’s report has picked up on the theme of wellbeing and is titled ‘Are you well?  Are we safe?

This focus on wellbeing is a response to the Prime Minister’s announcement in early 2018 that the 2019 Budget will be our first wellbeing budget.  Since then Government agencies have been busy developing living standards frameworks, wellbeing indicators and child wellbeing strategies. These are all very worthy but risk quickly losing the public in mire of complexity and detail.  If this happens then quite possibly ‘wellbeing’ will be lost as an organising idea for public policy because the Government has failed to ignite the public imagination that such a broader focus is feasible.

The Salvation Army’s offering through its 2019 State of the Nation report is an attempt to popularise this wellbeing narrative.

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