Stuff: Massive gender survey shows where women dip out of leadership

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A massive survey on workplace gender has been released, aimed at giving companies better insights into their female talent base.

Champions for Change, a business group which champions diversity, surveyed more than 80,000 employees in 29 organisations, including some of New Zealand’s largest companies.

This year’s survey confirmed women were under-represented in senior management roles, tailing off from general management level.

Women and men were virtually evenly split in the workforce overall, 49.1 per cent female and 50.9 per cent male.

But by senior management, the ratio was closer to 39.9 per cent female and 60.1 per cent male.

At key management level, women had slipped to a third, and at board level, female representation was down to 35.4 per cent compared with 64.6 per cent of men.

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