Werewolf: Gordon Campbell on the carnage being caused by Police pursuits

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Must be that time again. Time for the Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) to produce yet another review of the high speed pursuit policy, which the Police will no doubt ignore, and shelve alongside all the others. They’re consistent like that. This week, the Police were saying the pursuit policy was ‘fit for purpose.’ Flashback to June 2010, and you find the-then Police Commissioner Howard Broad saying the policy needed only ‘minor tweaking’– despite a record death toll in 2010 from Police pursuits, and amid four reviews of the policy in the previous six years.

The public have no reason to place any faith in the upcoming IPCA review. In a previous review of the police pursuit policy carried out back in 2009, the IPCA had made two key recommendations which the Police did not adopt:

*The risk to public safety from not stopping an offender should be the principal factor justifying a decision to pursue.
* The decision to pursue should be based on known facts, rather than general suspicion or speculation.

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