NZ Herald: Big Read: ‘No way’ NZSAS killed civilians during Hit & Run raid, NZDF promised Sir John Key

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NZDF has admitted a “phraseology” error led it to telling former Prime Minister Sir John Key no civilians were killed in the controversial 2010 NZSAS raid.

NZDF’s now says it is possible there were civilian casualties – a big shift from its assurance in 2010 “there is no way that civilian casualties could have occurred” in the controversial Operation Burnham raid in Afghanistan.

New documents released through the Official Information Act have now linked the cast-iron guarantee of no civilian casualties to confusion in 2010 that NZDF failed to correct until publication of the book Hit & Run.


NZDF has said at least one person was killed by NZSAS sniper fire, with nine “insurgents” in total killed during a raid supported by coalition aircraft.

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