Werewolf: Gordon Campbell on racial profiling at Immigration New Zealand

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So Immigration New Zealand has been using racial profiling to guide its decisions on which kinds of immigrants it should deport.

Oh sure, they’re saying that race is “only” one of the indices that INZ considers, as if that somehow makes it acceptable. (Only a little bit of institutionalized racism here, folks. Nothing to see here, move on. )

Apparently….age, gender, ethnicity and country of origin are all “data sets” that go into the model guiding how INZ makes its decisions about which immigrants should be allowed access to this country’s resources and opportunities …and as Alistair Murray. INZ’s head of Compliance and Investigations helpfully told RNZ yesterday, the profiling involved even extends to “interactions” with Police, as to whether a Police decision to prosecute should simply be superseded by an INZ decision to deport the person in question. Yep, no danger there of confirming each other’s biases, surely.

The Murray interview is hair-raising, and can be heard here.

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