Werewolf: Gordon Campbell on the looming inquiry into the Hit & Run events

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It now seems certain the government will be launching an independent inquiry (after Easter) into the allegations contained in the Hit & Runbook, and related matters. At the post-Cabinet press conference this week, PM Jacinda Ardern confirmed to Werewolfthat an announcement was due “within a week or so.”

The subsequent exchange went like this:

Campbell: And how would we ensure that the bulk of that material would be open to the public, because the fear would be that all of the issues involved would be declared to be issues of national security. Is there a concern about how that blanket could be removed from the inquiry?

PM: And I think this is one of the reasons that the issue of having an independent person be able to look into this issue was initially raised, because, of course, there will always be some information that we won’t be in a position to put out in the public domain, but having the ability to make sure that we’re still undertaking a proper assessment that the public can have faith in is important. And I think that’s why we originally asked the question, and that’s the kind of issue the Attorney-General’s looking at.

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