NZ Herald editorial: Innocent people pay price of police pursuits – NZ Herald

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The latest road fatality caused by a driver fleeing police is one that will not quickly fade in the public memory. Early on Sunday Carmen Marie Yanko, 53, was travelling through the town of Hope toward Nelson, where she had a stall at the Sunday market, when she was killed. A driver trying to outrun a police chase passed a truck on the wrong side of the road and slammed into her, killing himself and a passenger as well as the innocent woman.

Whatever crime had given rise to the police pursuit, it was not worth the life of this woman, or even the risk to her life. But does that mean police should never pursue a car that has failed to stop for them? That would be the effect of an outright ban which the Automobile Association urges the police to consider. The AA points to Queensland where state police are not allowed to chase a vehicle unless the driver was involved in murder or posed an imminent threat to someone’s life.

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