Lynda Hagen: Lifting our human rights game

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New Zealand’s parliamentary scrutiny of its international human rights obligations will be evaluated in a new Law Foundation-backed study.

This follows criticism that New Zealand is lagging behind countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in formally monitoring compliance with human rights treaties.

Shadow Reports

The Law Foundation recently awarded two new grants under its 2017 Shadow Reports awards programme, which allows NGOs to report in parallel with official reports on New Zealand’s compliance with human rights obligations under international treaties.

One award, to the Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa, will provide parallel reports to the UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights and also to co-ordinate the Joint Stakeholders’ report to the UN Human Rights Council universal periodic review (UPR). In addition, they will lodge a mid-term report commenting on the extent to which the New Zealand Government has implemented recommendations made as part of the UPR in 2013.

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Originally published in LawTalk 913