UNHCR: Immediate action needed to avert further harm and tragedy on Manus Island

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UNHCR is deeply disturbed by the forcible removal of refugees and asylum-seekers from the former ‘Regional Processing Centre’ on Manus Island today. The beating of refugees and asylum-seekers by uniformed officers with metal poles, shown by footage released today, is both shocking and inexcusable.

UNHCR staff remain on the ground on Manus Island, where limited access is continuing to hamper our monitoring role. Our staff have received reports that several men remain inside the Regional Processing Centre, having been seriously injured, and are seeking additional information from the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea at this time. Medical treatment for all refugees and asylum-seekers who require it is of paramount importance.

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Photo ‘Manus Island Detention Centre‘ by Sarah Hanson-Young used under a Creative Commons license.