We have a new government. Now what for the Foundation?

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Ced Simpson

Another general election has been and gone, with a new government formed to take us through the next three years.

Ced Simpson has compiled the following issues that we need to ensure are minimal steps for the new government to take in order to give effect to our international human rights obligations:

  • full and effective incorporation of ratified human rights standards into domestic legislation;
  • ratification of optional protocols to ICESCR and UNCRC (OP3) to allow individuals access to remedy for rights violations;
  • a comprehensive UPR and treaty body reporting process;
  • a human rights education strategy;
  • more explicit and comprehensive Cabinet manual references to international human rights obligations;
  • limitations to use of urgency in Parliament;
  • tabling of UPR recommendations and UN treaty body concluding observations and government responses in Parliament;
  • human rights analysis by designated select committees; and
  • human rights indicators.
Oliver Hoffmann

 Closer to home another annual general meeting has been and gone and we welcome two new committee members on board: Mohammed Jaballah and Simon Lamain whose profiles will hopefully appear in one of our future newsletters.

We also say farewell to Wellingtonian Ian McIntosh who’s very busy commitments having been making it difficult for him to contribute as much as he would have desired from a distance.

Oliver Hoffman