Te Ururoa Flavell: Rua Kēnana pardon details released

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The Crown and descendants of Rua Kēnana and Ngā Toenga o ngā Tamariki a Iharaira me ngā uri o Maungapōhatu will sign the agreement at Maungapōhatu on Saturday 9 September which bring the statutory pardon a step closer to reality.

Mr Flavell and whānau of Rua Kēnana met in Rotorua today ahead of the historic signing to outline details of the agreement.

“The agreement contains much more than the pardon. It acknowledges the lasting effects the events 2 April 1916 had on the descendants of Rua Kēnana and Ngā Toenga o ngā Tamariki a Iharaira and apologises for that,” says Mr Flavell.

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