UN and Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission report confirms civilian casualties in NZDF Operation Burnham

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The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan and the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission have confirmed civilian casualties in Baglan province on the night of NZDF’s Operation Burnham ( August 22  2010).

In their Annual Report for 2010, UNAWA and the AIHRC (both independent of Afghan and NZ authorities) confirmed that 6 civilians died in Baghlan province that night:

“Several incidents were documented where aerial strikes caused civilian casualties in 2010. Out of 58 incidents that caused civilian casualties, 11 aerial attacks caused five or more civilian deaths. Investigations by ISAF, known to the AIHRC and UNAMA Human Rights, were undertaken in six of these 11 incidents…The five incidents included: on 5 August, 10 civilians killed in Nangahar province; on 24 September, 13 civilians killed in Laghman province; on 21 February, 32 civilians killed in Uruzgan province; on 11 October, 10 civilians killed in Helmand province; on 25 October, 10 civilians killed in Helmand province; and on 22 August, six civilians killed in Baghlan province.” (Fn 40 p24)

View the 2010 Annual Report here:

HRF Chairperson Peter Hosking says these independent reports make clear that NZDF denials of civilian casualties have no credibility and that the NZDF is covering up the incidents outlined in Hit & Run