Election Human Rights Priorities: Recognise the Right to a Safe Environment

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(1) Adopt a rights-based approach to climate change policy at home and abroad, including by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to safe levels that are consistent with the full enjoyment of human rights and setting a binding emissions reduction target

(2) Re-enter the Second Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol and return New Zealand’s emissions trading scheme to its previous “cap and trade” model

(3) Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, including supply-side subsidies within New Zealand and explore sustainable alternatives to oil and dirty fuel extraction

Green Party

Support fully. We will deliver personal and business tax cuts to everyone by placing a charge on carbon polluters

Internet MANA

Yes to all points. Internet MANA will adopt a carbon budget planning process, repeal the ETS and regulate the flow of cheap foreign carbon credits, place an immediate ban on oil and gas drilling, invest in integrated public transport systems, wind-down coal mining, and invest in renewable energy including community and housing generation

No response from other parties to date