Election Human Rights Priorities: A Human Rights Savvy Parliament and More Independently Appointed Human Rights Commissioners

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(1) Establish a Parliamentary Select Committee for Human Rights

(2) Procedurally entrench the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (NZBORA) and Human Rights Act 1993 and provide for them to over-ride ordinary statutes

(3) Establish a Human Rights Commissioner appointment process that involves the Opposition or Parliament, possibly as one responsibility of a Parliamentary Select Committee on Human Rights

(4) Amend NZBORA to provide an explicit right to a remedy for breach of the NZBORA, including by the judiciary

(5) Develop and implement a human rights education strategy to ensure that young people and those responsible for supporting them, know their human rights. Take a human rights based approach to the development of policy and legislation to ensure decision-making is consistent with New Zealand’s human rights obligations

Green Party: 

Support fully. The Green Party believes that New Zealand needs to strengthen its commitment to human rights in both the international arena and at home.

Internet MANA

Yes to all points. Much more needs to be done to transform Parliament into an MMP environment. Internet MANA is also advocating for the establishment of a Parliamentary Commissioner for the Treaty of Waitangi to investigate, inquire into, and provide advice and analysis on matters relating to the Treaty of Waitangi.