Election Human Rights Priority: Include Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights

(1) Incorporate all rights enshrined in international human rights instruments to which New Zealand is a party, including economic, social and cultural rights, into domestic law, including NZBORA, to ensure these rights are enforceable in New Zealand courts

(2) Develop and implement a national housing action plan that guarantees to all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents the right to decent affordable housing

(3) Recognising that increasing inequality seriously undermines the human rights of many in New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, develop targets for and implement comprehensive policies that reduce all major forms of inequality in New Zealand, and report annually to Parliament on the achievement of these targets

Green Party: 

Support fully. The Green Party believes that social and cultural rights should form one of the basis of our human rights framework. We are committed in inequality reduction and have made this a primary platform of our election.

Internet MANA:

Yes to all three points. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples also needs to be included into domestic law. A key priority of Internet MANA is eliminating child poverty and economic, social and cultural inequalities.

No response from other parties to date