Election Human Rights Priority: Develop Action Plan on Gender-based Violence

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DomesticviolenceDevelop and implement, in collaboration with domestic and sexual violence service providers and users, an evidence based Action Plan to end gender-based violence against women and children

Green Party

Support fully. We have repeatedly called on the government to act and work with NGOs in the sector to address this endemic problem. The Green Party believes a total overhaul is needed to address the problem in New Zealand. We are committed to a complete review of our laws, policies and funding to address this problem at a national and local level. We need a whole of government approach that includes income support, good employment laws, as well as the more obvious Police, Courts, Child Youth and Family, and support services. We need to consider early intervention, justice, crisis and support, ‘treatment’, and prevention.

Internet MANA

Yes. Such a plan needs to include: promoting in every way practicable a culture of non-violence in the home, school, and communities; resources and support for parenting education in schools; greater funding for quality parent and family support programmes; and resources and support for marae-based programmes to restore whanau wellbeing.