Election Human Rights Priorities: Address Child Poverty

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Child PovertyDevelop and implement in collaboration with NGOs a comprehensive action plan to ensure the right of every child in New Zealand to security, food, shelter, education and healthcare. Such a plan must include child poverty-related indicators and targets and the annual reporting to Parliament of progress towards the achievement of the designated targets.



Green Party: 

Support fully. The Green Party has been the most vocal voice on child poverty. The Green Party wants a fairer New Zealand where every child can thrive. We will extend the 20 hours free early childhood education subsidy to two-year-olds. We will ensure that all children under 18 are able to access free GP visits and we will provide free after school care and holiday programmes, a dedicated nurse and a free school lunch in every decile 1-4 school. A new Children’s Credit will give an extra $60 a week to families currently missing out. Hundreds of thousands of Kiwi kids will be much better off under the Greens $1 billion investment in the health, education and financial welfare of our children.

Internet MANA

Yes. Internet MANA will work to eliminate child poverty within 5 years by setting a comprehensive plan with annual monitoring and reporting of appropriate indicators including food in low decile schools, affordable housing, increased whanau incomes (minimum wage as a living wage, increased benefit levels), and a goal for full-employment.

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