United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Rights committee issues

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United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Rights committee issues concluding observations
on New Zealand Government’s report – 22 May 2012

The UN ESCR Committee has both positive and negative comments about New Zealand’s performance in its latest observations on New Zealand’s performance
under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Under this international treaty, New Zealand has agreed to a range of obligations
relating to economic, social and cultural rights.
The UN Committee has flagged concerns constitutional issues, social welfare reform, housing rights, the rights of people with disabilities and workers. It also recommends
a human rights based approach to the reconstruction of Christchurch. View the full report here
The HRF, working with the Equal Justice Project, made a submission to the ESCR Committee which you can view here. A number of the issues raised by the HRF are reflected in the recommendations of the
UN Committee.